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“Rachel was the makeup artist for my wedding on the 20th February 2010. I could not be happier with both the pre-wedding trial and the makeup she applied on the day. She was always very attentive to helping me obtain the style I wanted. Rachel is an excellent mix of professionalism and friendliness, which combined with her makeup skill, made her a welcome part of my wedding day. With both the trial and the day she kept my bridesmaids, my mum and I well informed of the products she used which created a nice comfortable atmosphere. Again, I couldn’t be happier with the makeup Rachel did for us! Thank you again Rachel”.

Jade Neilsen-Riley


“I used RC Makeup Artistry for a themed awards night and was super impressed. The products are amazing and flawless. All the techniques and processes of the makeup application were explained which has improved my own ability to apply my everyday makeup. If you were thinking of using RC Makeup Artistry for an upcoming event then I would say "DO IT!" I felt I had the benefit of professional advice and techniques, but also had the freedom to choose a look/style that suited my individual personality. I cannot recommend it highly enough”.

Michelle Grills


“My knowledge of professional makeup was very limited before I met Rachel Cope. She appeared in my house ready with all the products and amazing result were soon to be seen on my face. I have never felt so beautiful and at the same time looked so natural. I always thought that to have makeup on means to look like a plastic doll, but my experience with RC Makeup Artistry totally changed my view. If you are considering hiring someone to do your makeup it MUST BE RC Makeup Artistry and its master- Rachel Cope”.

Karolina Sypnievsk


“Thank you Rachel for awesome party makeup! I have always had difficulties when trying something new with party makeup, so I usually just keep on repeating my old pattern. Now, thanks to your skills and useful tips, I have some new ideas and techniques! Next time I'll book you to go through some ideas and techniques for day wear makeup - I am sure you'll be idea-rich in that field too”.

Kata Niemi


“RC Makeup Artistry does not only deliver an extraordinary makeup experience, they are also committed to quality service. Rachel is passionate about her field and joyfully expresses her talent by delivering an explicit and unique makeup experience each and every time! She listens to your needs and carefully makes sure that each individual is satisfied with their results. If you want your makeup to look fashionable, outstanding and still maintain a touch of exclusivity I highly recommend RC Makeup Artistry “.

Mia Gutierrez


“I first got acquainted with RC Makeup Artistry on Valentine’s day 2010. A group of us decided to have a girl’s day and get our makeup done by a professional makeup artist, so we hired RC Makeup Artistry. Every single one of us got a unique makeup, carefully suited to bring out the best of our individual characteristics. Personally it was my first real makeup experience. I have always been conscious about using proper cleansing products and facial crèmes. Being a the only girl growing up with only two older brothers and my dad left me with no one to teach me the art of makeup. RC Makeup Artistry got me started by taking all her expertise down to my level and by explaining the basics and not overdoing my makeup that day. This meant that I got a true insight in how makeup can benefit my everyday look without it seeming like something I would never be able to apply myself.

Since that day I have had the pleasure of having my makeup done by RC Makeup Artistry on several occasions. Each time I got more and more bold and extravagant, which left me feeling more and more beautiful. Having travelled a lot I have now experienced other makeup artists and can therefore make a true comparison and can highly recommend RC Makeup Artistry. I am positive that anyone who decides to hire RC Makeup Artistry will get the same professional and thorough treatment. RC Makeup Artistry is always well prepared, enthusiastic and has a true passion for makeup. They will leave you with a memory of a few great hours and a glow that will last a lift time”.

Marlene Bevensee


“RC Makeup Artistry was one of the most valuable makeup experiences I have ever had. For a regional business awards night RC Makeup Artistry made me and one of my friends look amazing, but best of all we were comfortable throughout the process and super confident with the results. My makeup was natural and highlighted the positive features of my face with amazing eye colours and with the wide range of skin tones my foundation was the perfect fit. I had an amazing evening and thanks to RC Makeup Artistry I felt that little bit more spectacular in my skin and being photographed. I highly recommend RC Makeup Artistry because I believe that the personal touch provided me with lasting confidence and a new found respect for the art that is makeup”.

Stacey French

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