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Book your sydney makeup artist early to avoid being dissapointed.

Book Your Wedding Makeup Artist Early

By Rachel Cope

Your wedding day will be one of the most important days of your life, so why would you leave such an important day up to chance?

You don’t wait to book your wedding venue until the last minute in the hope it will be available. You don’t wait to book your preferred photographer until a month before your wedding and cross your fingers that they are free on that day.  And you definitely don’t leave organising your cake, caterers and wedding dress to the last possible opportunity by praying that the universe is on your side and will make these things miraculously happen.

You plan all these details by booking them early so that your wedding day is not a disaster. So why then, would you leave booking your preferred makeup artist to the death knock?

The best wedding makeup artists get booked early; their calendars fill quickly, especially during wedding season months: February to April and September to December.

For your wedding to be a success, the talk of the town and one that your guests will remember then you need to plan and reserve every element, including your makeup artist ahead of time. If you see a makeup artist that interests you, book them as soon as possible to reserve your wedding date.

Reserve your wedding date and book a pre-wedding makeup trial ahead of schedule. By doing this you will decrease the risk of not finding the perfect makeup artist for your important day.

Booking early will give you the added advantage of finding another makeup artist in time if you are not a good a match at your pre-wedding makeup trial.

It can be hard, almost impossible to find a fantastic makeup artist if you leave booking yours too late. Late bookings increase the risk of hiring an unqualified, dodgy makeup artist.

If you want your wedding day to be a success and one to remember then cross all your t’s and dot all your i’s and book your preferred makeup artist first!


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